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A Solution For All Types Of Investors

Accelerate you journey and enjoy the process



Just Starting

Having the confidence of a seasoned property investor by accessing in depth knowledge of both the property and the financials at the click of a button.



Growing Portfolio

Achieve sustainable growth by knowing that your next property fits in to your overall strategy. Whether its cashflow, capital growth or both, we've got you covered.



Large Portfolio

Run new property scenarios quickly and efficiently. Complement your existing portfolio with alternative strategies whilst making sure they fit in to your overall objectives.

Compare Property Prices and Rents

Get comparables information on sales process and rents to instantly know market conditions

Know your area

Get unique insights into your areas demographics to help you choose the best investment strategy

Maximise your returns

Model your opportunity against multiple property strategies to know which one will help you achieve your financial objective

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Property Investment Evolution

The property world is always evolving and deals that stack up today may not stack up tomorrow. In today’s market you need to know about planning, legislation, different investment strategies, finance types, property values, demographics and much more...

Pintech is designed to speed up the due diligence process by merging investment grade property data and easy to use financial models to analyse your property opportunities against multiple strategies, ultimately saving you time and money, whilst maximising your returns.

"If you’re not using data to lead your decisions then you are playing with risk that’s not quantifiable. Data led decisions mitigate risk and drive success"

Dave Goodfellow
Director - Ikonic Property Investments
Dave GoodFellow
Unrivalled Property Information
Investment grade data to support your decision making in investing in the right property opportunities
Market Information
  •  Buy and Hold
  • £/sqft – Rent
  • £/sqft – Sales
  • Median Discount
  • Gross Yield
  • Price Asked
  • Price Paid
  • Rent Asking
  • Rent Achieved
  • Days on Market – Rent
  • Days on Market – Sales
  • Local Housing Allowance
  • Property Size
  • Rent Listings
  • Sales Listings
  • Sales Transactions
  • Comparables – Rent
  • Comparables – Sales

  • Demographic Makeup
  • Education Level
  • Transportation Infrastructure
  • Local Amenities
  • Repossessions
  • Unemployment
  • Crime
  • Mortgage Debt Statistics
  • Credit Scores
  • Monthly Income
  • Migration
  • Local Business Statistics
  • Affordability
  • Housing allowance


Planning Information
  • Development Stage
  • Authority
  • Structures
  • Mixed Use sectors
  • Sites to be sold
  • Refurbs
  • BTR
  • Social Housing
  • Student residences
  • Commercial elements
  • Number of Units
  • Development Type
  • Description
  • Planning Reference
  • Planning Approval
  • Authority
  • Local Planning Statistics

Land and Ownership
  • Address
  • Freehold Information
  • Leasehold Information
  • Building Height
  • Site Coverage
  • Site Area
  • Planning Use Classes
  • Local Authority
  • Flood Defence
  • Flood Risk
  • Tenure
  • Links to title plan
Amazing Features
Powerful Dashboard

Manage deal flow and know exactly where you are with each of your opportunities. Keep track of offers, deals in progress and completed transactions

User Friendly

The intuitive interface is very easy to use, even for the most complex property transaction.

Market Comparables

Get accurate data on comparable sold prices and rental income.

Cost Control

Breakdown each aspect of your property investment to maximise returns in areas such as purchase price, cost of works, cost of finance, investor funds and much more…

Explore Strategies

Jump between different investment strategies to see which one will achieve the outcome that best suits your goals.


Get unique insight into the residents in your investment area to help ensure you providing the right stock for the right area.

Test your property against multiple investment Strategies

We've created models for the most popular investment strategies used by property investors

  •  Buy and Hold
  •  Buy, refurbish, Refinance
  •  Flip
  •  Rent 2 Rent
  •  Option Purchase
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Ready to get started?

Take you property investing to the next level by using technology to support your investment decisions. Join thousands of property investors who trust data to help them make smarter choices  when selecting which properties to invest their hard earned money in to